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Anonymous asked:

Stop with the Connor Walsh he has nothing on blaine He's a slut And that show is filthy





Precisely why we LOVE IT!!!!!!!

FYI - I will never stop loving Blaine/Darren so no worries there honey

I was just now wondering if people were going to do this. HAHAHA

No, he’s nothing like Blaine. But he’s a lot like Brian Kinney from QAF - another favorite show of mine! Blaine, Brian, Connor - I love them all. But no worries followers because Blaine/Darren will always have more of my heart.

I think our hearts are plenty big enough to accomodate more than one love and OTP (I mean FFS have you seen the background on my blog?  I love me some gay OTPs).  My heart will always return to Klaine/CrissColfer.  But in the meantime…there be flailing happening cuz damn…

I have my hopes, you know, I think that the romantic - and actually the pragmatist in me, I was going to make it romantic but, the absolute practical common sense in me goes “Well, yeah they should be together like all great, fun love stories like duh.” That’s not even… it’s like when you are watching a romantic comedy and if you press pause in the middle of the movie you go “What do you think… what do you hope happens?” and you go “I hope they end up together.” It’s like of course the are going to end up together. That’s the whole point. You just want to hear somebody say it. I don’t hold the keys to the plot at all, I don’t know, I just work there. I mean I am sure they’ll end up together, I’d love to see that, but who knows? Jeez, Glee can do anything at the drop of a hat so who knows what’ll happen but of course you want to see them together in some nice flourish of an ending, tie everything up with a nice little bow. I think the fans would appreciate that but who knows?

Darren Criss on his hopes where Kurt and Blaine end up by the finale. (x)

Translation: I’m literally just waiting for the writers to catch up with what I - like every other normal person who watches the show - know is the only acceptable outcome. Seriously, any day now, Ryan. I’m tapping my impeccably styled foot.

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