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Really, bless all the Klaine fic writers for giving us Kurt and Blaine in different roles, different worlds and lives. With different experiences and different friends. Bless them for showing us the many ways they could have met and fallen in love with each other. But they all have the same…


See that? That’s Kurt one second away from seeing Blaine. That’s Kurt before Blaine. That’s the Kurt that just wants to have a normal teenage life like everyone else. A Kurt that wants someone who understands him. A Kurt who wants someone who wants him back. That’s a Kurt who’s been made to understand he can’t have the things he wants.

And you see that? That’s Blaine one second away from hearing Kurt’s voice. That’s Blaine before Kurt. That’s the Blaine who curses himself for being chased out of his old school. That’s the Blaine that basks in the attention he gets from being a Warbler because that’s how he finds acceptance. That’s a Blaine that feels he needs to put up a front to keep that attention. He feels he has to be cool, has to be confident, has to be sure.

And in one second both of their lives will change forever.

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